What about the lead time of heavy duty smoothie blender from placing a order to delivery?
This relies on the order quantity of heavy duty smoothie blender and the time schedule of Zhongshan City Nyyin Electrical Co., Ltd.. We make the promise that we will handle the order as soon as possible. Orders are processed one by one. When it is at the peak, the production line will be running at full capacity. Every production process will be controlled in good condition. This will take a little time.

Nyyin Electrical is a popular heavy duty blender manufacturer at home and abroad market. Nyyin Electrical focuses on providing a variety of heavy duty blender for customers. commercial blender has the characters of commercial milkshake blender, and can be utilized in commercial milkshake blender. The product has a high speed and powerful motor which speeds up the stirring process. The product will not pilling. A person who has used it for a year has proven that its surface has no blurry balls at all. The product enables people to create various juice by combining different types of fruits and vegetables.

Supplying the soup blender in high quality has always been our pursuit. Inquiry!
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