What about FOB of kitchen system pulse blender ?
How large is the order quantity? Where is the destination? You may contact Zhongshan City Nyyin Electrical Co., Ltd. first; maybe the price can also be "customized". Under FOB, we arrange for the transport of goods to a designated port or other point of origin. Once pulse blender is released to you and when the goods are onboard the ship, the delivery is considered accomplished. Pricing is just a start of our services. Any problems after the delivery will be solved.

Nyyin Electrical has independent technological patent to produce soup maker blender. Nyyin Electrical focuses on providing a variety of multi blender for customers. Nyyin Electrical cooks soup maker is manufactured with a high-tech LCD screen which aims to achieve zero radiation. The screen is developed and treated specially to prevent scratch and wear. The product has a high speed and powerful motor which speeds up the stirring process. Put this product on any mattress and sink into the cradle of its body in luxury and comfort for a more tranquil night's sleep. The sharp stainless steel blade smashes the food to the fine and smooth level.

To be a high-end brand in soup maker blender industry, our team strives to make the best out of it. Get more info!
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