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The 125th Canton Fair


Besides customers from Europe and the United States, other customers from Southeast Asia who came to our booth in the 125th Canton Fair were the most active. They expressed their strong interest in our two models NY-8638MCA and NY-8188MKB. The biggest feature of the NY-8638MCA is stylish appearance, robust power and extremely low noise. The NY-8188MKB is soup blender that can be not only used for smoothie, ice crushing, fruit and vegetable juices, but also can be used for baby food, DIY milk, DIP and hot soup. When blender finishes job, it can be cleaned itself by choosing CLEAN pre-programmed setting. Easy to clean with hand free. Most of customers who have seen our two models have already ordered samples for performance test when back to office.


During the fair, there are some customers who inquired the WIFI function blender. AI time is approaching, in the next 10 years, the smart home ecosystem will become more and more popular, and we will feel the different experiences and conveniences brought by the future home appliances.

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