Shampoo Bar Tutorial - Fresh Aloe Vera & Apple Cider Vinegar

by:Nyyin     2020-04-01

I have done more than a year of experiments in this shampoo bar, done a lot of research, collected information about each raw material, tried and tested it.Every one didn\'t go through the thoughts in my heart, and I think the balanced, real shampoo bar should be like this.My hair looks soft at times and feels heavy and oily and rubber.All of this comes from the experiment, double check!The feeling of giving up, and all the frustrations I \'ve experienced in less than a year!Well, I don\'t have time, I have to come up with a bright solution, I\'m the one who won\'t stop until I perfect my idea and come up with a great product.Until one day, I collected all my thoughts, my thoughts, analyzed each one, stitched my thoughts, and voila!Meet the recipe for my hair dilemma.
Now, every hair is unique, just like everyone is unique, it doesn\'t mean it will bring happiness to everyone, some people may not like this shampoo because most people


(In order to balance the drying effect of coconut oil, I had to make such a big discount on the alkali, which is the reaction to produce soap in the process of soap.
Fragrance ratio (2.

-for LYE-

5g (0.

Collect and prepare all the ingredients listed above.

If wooden log molds are used, or if silicon molds are used, spray with any light oil like canola oil, align the molds with plastic.

Weigh the Alove gel needed (in lieu of water), stick the mixture together to make the smoothies and freeze them.

Weigh all the oil and mix it together in the tank.Open the pot.Let the oil from 10-15minutes.

Weigh the required alkali (sodium hydroxide or caustic soda) and take your aloe vera gel.Slowly add the alkali to the aloe gel until each point of alkali/caustic soda is dissolved.

Stir until it looks like Pearl oil.
Then, stir your base-Water solution of the oil in the tank.Stir manually when pouring.Once the mixture is opaque, use your stick mixer to burst every few seconds and manually stir in another way.Do this and bring the soap mixture to \"trace.

Once tracking is implemented, cover the tank.This is the beginning of our cooking soap mixture until the gel phase or translucent phase is completed.Watch the mixture (so make sure you\'re paying close attention) and become translucent as it folds and boils.Don\'t leave cooking, it can boil, so try stirring the soap batter every 5 to 10 minutes.This is the stage in which the soap mixture is neutralised (the alkali is neutralised), which is why we are able to use the soap after 24 hours.

You can now start adding other ingredients once it\'s cooked and neutral.Add and mix in this way below, fully mix when adding each ingredient.Make sure the tank is low this time so that the soap batter stays soft when you continue to operate.

Glop in the mold, beats several times on a hard surface to smooth the bubbles.

Un-Soap is Moldy after 8 hours or even 24 hours after cooling.2-enjoy your fresh aloe vera and ACV conditioning soap after3 days.Although you can use the bar immediately after unpacking, you can get the best effect from the shampoo bar, and the longer it takes to cure it, the gentler it will be.
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Tips for success with shampoo sticks!
As I said, not everyone will be happy with the use of the shampoo bar, which may be suitable for your hair type but not for your friends or even family.

What you need is patience.The transition period with real soap Shampoo baris is a real pain.It took me a few weeks to master it.So, give the bar a good 2-Adjust it for 3 weeks to feel how healthy your scalp is.
My hair is a bit naturally curled, usually once a year.While using this shampoo stick, it feels very soft on my scalp and can work or relax, but the end feels a bit sticky and natural conditioner (I did some as well.Of course, you can still use the conditioner!

How did I prepare aloe vera juice from the gel
If you happen to have aloe plants in the backyard, it will be very good, so, you can trim and harvest them when you need them.
Get some from your garden.
2) remove the skin and scrape the aloe gel off.
3) use a mixer (I make a aloe shake with my stick mixer ).
4) weigh the required amount of aloe smoothies for your soap batch.

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