preethi kitchen to expand its product offerings

by:Nyyin     2020-04-20
Preethi kitchen appliances plans to double sales in the next four to five years by expanding its products and entering new markets, reducing reliance on flagship products-mixers and grinding machines.
At present, the mixer and grinder account for 75 of its sales and the balance comes from other products, including health juicer, induction stove, stainless steel and glass
Best gas stove, wet mill, rice cooker, electric pressure cooker.
The company hopes to reduce its reliance on mixers and grinding machines and reduce its revenue contribution to 50.
Preethi, a popular brand in the South Indian market, was acquired by Philips in 2011.
Since then, it has access to Philips knowledge --
How its marketing power and global reach meet the export needs of Preethi.
Rupendra Yadav, CEO, kitchen appliances, Preethi said: \"Our revenue from mixers and grinding machines will continue to be strong, at the same time, we have expanded the share of other products from 25 percentage points of revenue to 50 percentage points.
Currently, we have 14 products in our basket and explore opportunities by introducing variations of existing products.
We will enter the geographical area of South India with a large population. ”Mr.
Yadav said that exports will be the focus area.
At present, exports account for five to seven of income, and Preethi aims to more than double its share of income.
Preethi kitchen appliances company exports products to the Middle East of the United States. S.
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Canada and Singapore.
Plans to enter other Southeast Asian countries.
It is estimated that the market size of kitchen appliances in the South is RS.
Rs 2,700 and RS.
Rs 8,200 nationwide.
In Tamil Nadu, Preethi has a market share of 23. \"During January
In December 2015, we received 1.
Market share 2, market share 2 and 3 in the South.
2 cents in Tamil Nadu.
We registered 11 last year. 5 per cent top-
Line up and look forward to higher double
\"Digital growth has also been achieved this year,\" he said . \".
Preethi has launched many of it
Features of three variants of Zodiac, Taurus and Aries 12 Zodiac mixer grinder with five
Motor warranty for one year.
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