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Nyyin Patent--Escort the Development of Enterprises


At present, all walks of life in society are growing day by day. In the final analysis, enterprise competition is technology competition and talent competition. Therefore, actively implementing technological innovation and forming patented technology with independent intellectual property rights is the foundation of enterprise development and the cornerstone of enterprise development.

The R & D Department of Nyyin Tech. uses the patent knowledge it has mastered and actively participates in various intellectual property activities carried out by Nyyin. In order to improve the innovation ability of technicians and strengthen the technology of products, applying for patents that meet the requirements of patent application can not only protect the disclosure of the company's core technology, but also improve the quality of patent application and save application costs.

The company has recently applied for and obtained three design patents: blender NY-868, NY-828 andNY-838; The three patents passed the inspection and examination of the intellectual property office at all levels. On November 14, 2019, the State Intellectual Property Office issued the patent certificate.

The acquisition of these three design patents will escort our technology and guarantee the goal of "building the most cost-effective wall breaking machine" of Nyyin Tech.. Our foreign trade personnel will skillfully use intellectual property rights as a stepping stone and "lightning rod" for market development.

Excellent technological innovation ability and management ability will be the necessary skills for us to lead to benchmark enterprises and a strong guarantee for us to achieve our strategic objectives. I believe that through our unremitting efforts, we will quickly implement the strategic development task of the enterprise.

The best is yet to be, we must persevere.

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