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Nyyin Commendation Meeting in April 2020


In this warm spring and poetic season, we ushered in the monthly meeting and commendation meeting of Zhongshan City Nyyin Electrical Co Ltd. in April.

First of all, all departments reported their work and problems. In the new development stage, the company established new development ideas and directions. President Peng expressed the hope that all staff would be alert to danger in times of safety, guard against arrogance and impatience, be aware of their own problems, review their work every day, develop good work habits and grow rapidly.

After the completion of the work report, President Liao talk about the outstanding dedication and selfless contribution made by excellent employees to the development of the company in the early stage of the development of the company. President Liao's speech fully affirmed the employees' achievements in the development of Naiyin, made everyone feel warm and glorious, and gave employees encouragement and motivation at the same time!

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