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by:Nyyin     2020-03-26
This drink is also known as a strong milkshake or frappe.Some restaurants make milkshakes with automatic machines, freeze milkshakes, and provide prefabricated milkshakes consisting of flavoring agents, milk and thickening agents.But some fast food restaurants still use traditional methods to provide milkshakes by mixing soft milkshakesIce cream with syrup.
Jell-Milk -c Jell-O -1 pack of vanilla ice cream for any taste-Preparation: put ice cream and milk in a blender.Add jell-O mix for 30 seconds.Your mouth\'s watery milkshake is ready.Eggnog -c Vanilla -1/4 teaspoon vanilla ice creamPreparation: Mix the first three ingredients in a blender and mix them to blistering.Sprinkle some nutmeg on it.Frozen yogurt or vanilla ice cream4 scoops of milk-3/4g chocolate syrup1/4 CherryPreparation: put chocolate syrup, milk, ice cream and cherries into a blender.
Stir it until smooth.
Decorated with cherry and whipped cream.
Vanilla ice cream3 spoonsMilk -1 1/2 vanilla extract-spoonSugar -Preparation: add milk, ice cream, sugar and vanilla to the mixer.Stir it until smooth.Peanut butter -Chocolate syrup1/4 c Milk -1/4 pieces of icePreparation: mix chocolate syrup, peanut butter, ice cubes and milk in a blender and stir until smooth.Peanut butter -Jam or jelly2 tablespoons (strawberry, grape or raspberry) milk-1/2 c vanilla ice creamPreparation: mix the jelly and peanut butter evenly and put it in the blender.
Ice cream and milk.
Then mix it until it gets smooth.
Frozen yogurt or vanilla ice cream3 tablespoons of cold milk-Chocolate Malt syrup-1/3 cPreparation: Put milk, ice cream and chocolate malt syrup in a blender.Stir it until smooth.Decorated with cherry and whipped cream.Vanilla or chocolate ice creamc Whole milk -Chocolate syrup-1/2 cPreparation: in the jar of the blender, mix all the ingredients until it becomes smooth.Vanilla ice cream3 scoops of chocolate chipsBanana 2 spoonsInstant coffee-1/2Chocolate syrup2 spoons Milk -c Vanilla -Preparation: 1 minute, mix everything at medium speed.
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