making a magnet dc generator from a dead mixer motor diy

by:Nyyin     2020-04-20
In this manual you will learn how to convert the dead mixer/rig motor (General Motors)
A very powerful permanent magnet DC generator.
Note: This method only applies when the field coil of the universal motor is burned out, not the rotor coil.
In addition, this improved machine can be used not only as a DC generator, but also as a powerful high-speed DC motor.
Full video: www. youtube.
Com/creativelectron7mList requirements: We need magnets because we will replace the magnetic field of the General Motors with permanent magnets and convert it into pmdc Motors/generators.
Full video: www. youtube.
Com/creativelectron7mAfter make sure everything is needed for the project, what you have to do is fully turn on the universal motor as shown in the figure.
There should be three major Motors.
Field, rotor and brush.
As before, remove the field section and put everything back in place.
After doing this, put some oil on the moving parts such as the converter, shaft, etc.
Now, take a concave magnet and place it where the magnetic field is connected.
Paste the magnet correctly with the help of the hot glue gun.
Take another magnet and place it vertically opposite the first one, remember that the concave face is always facing the rotor.
Do the same for the second magnet.
Full video: www. youtube.
Com/creativelectron7mTo test this newly built generator simply connect the DC output terminals to multiple
Instrument or some DC load, rotating the shaft of the generator.
It should light up the bulb or show some reading on multiple screens
You can see rice from the photo.
You can also use it as a high-speed motor by connecting a 50 v DC power supply to its terminals instead of a bulb.
So it\'s all about this guiding person. Thankyou.
Full video: www. youtube.
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