Juicer Vs. Blender - What to Buy for Your Kitchen

by:Nyyin     2020-03-27
Juicer and blender are the most indispensable household appliances in the kitchen.Since both appliances are used to crush food, they are often mistaken for the two names of the same appliance.If you don\'t know yet, then I can help you differentiate and buy the perfect appliances for your kitchen.
When it comes to juicer and blender, we often describe them as electrical appliances that produce beverages and food substances in the form of soft or liquid.Again, they all have jars with blades.What\'s even more confusing is that many people have the habit of string juicer and blender together, as if they were the same.However, there is a huge difference between the two, especially in terms of structure and function.
Here is a simple classification to help you choose the right appliance.As we all know, juicer produces fresh juice in concentrated form.These juices do not contain edible parts of fruits such as fiber, Peel or seeds.
These non-edible materials are collected in a built-in sieve.After the juice is separated, the sieve can be easily separated, and the waste collected in the sieve can be thrown away.The whole process of using the juicer is very simple.
This is one of the best ways to prepare a quick breakfast drink every morning.However, nutrition experts point out that juicer takes all the fiber that is very important to our body from the fruit.Again, making a glass of concentrated juice requires more fruit and vegetables than fruit drinks made with a blender, which makes it more expensive.
It was also pointed out that it takes more time to remove and clean the juicer after each use of the juicer.The mixer helps to grind solid food into powder, paste, or batter.If the food contains some moisture, it becomes pulp even if there are solid particles in the processed food.
It may be noted that there is no specific accumulation of waste at the end of the mixing process.However, if the user needs to separate the solid particles from the liquid, the same needs to be done manually with the help of the sieve.As a result, one can see that there are many uses of the mixer compared to the juicer.
The mixer as an appliance is much cheaper than the juicer and can be cleaned easily in an instant.The production of the mixer is greater, thus making the juice or pulp cheaper.One of the most significant advantages is that the blender can be used to make drinks with fruits such as bananas or mangoes that do not produce liquefied fruit juices.
Again, the mixer can be used to mix a variety of ingredients to form a smooth combination.However, nutrition experts point out that mixing juice and pulp is a bit difficult to absorb during digestion.The difference between the two appliances is now very clear.
In fact, it is impossible to pick only one of these appliances for your kitchen, as they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.There is also a mixer
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