How To Make Natural Homemade Hair Conditioner

by:Nyyin     2020-04-01

I have never been the kind of person who likes expensive shampoo and conditioner.For most of my life, I was very happy with the gentle life-As a mother of five daughters, expensive hair products are not possible for many years of my life.There are so many hair products that use an amazing amount of hair.
Another reason I never go to buy a hair stylist is that my hair is quite low.maintenance.That is to say, I have no flies-Away from fine hair, curly hair that is easily tangled, or hair that is particularly dry or greasy.Except for the years I colored my hair, it always seemed quite healthy.So my attitude is mild (or whatever is being sold) and seems to work well.
When I started making my own natural soap Shampoo, I was surprised by the health of my hair and the improvement in texture.To be honest, I have no idea that hair can improve so significantly.Using my own shampoo to change my hair would be best described as \"making my hair feel like it was when I was ten years old.\\ \"Both the hair and the scalp became completely healthy and without dandruff my hair became so soft and smooth that I could not stop touching it ---Often let people (family, OK) \"Touch My Hair.
Because any old conditioner also \"works great\" for my hair \"---It means that anything can eliminate the Roar on my hair that I just washed ---I am satisfied with the simplest homemade conditioner.Hey!It worked fine!
A simple homemade conditioner is also cheap.One pound BTMS-50, for less than $20 (plus shipping), will produce a basic conditioner of about three gallons-And it\'s very easy to make.In my experience, this simple, basic conditioner is comparable in quality to a cheap store --Bought an air conditioner.Of course, perfume is an extra cost, but it is rarely needed, and another major advantage of homemade perfume is that it allows you to choose a very good perfume.(Maybe you \'ve noticed that the cheapest shampoo and conditioner has an unpleasant plastic smell, and there\'s no difference between sweet peas and lavender.
However, making your own conditioner can also allow you to move on from something that \"works fine.\\ \"Additives can make your hair smooth, shiny, healthy and allow you to customize the product that suits your hair.(For more information on customizing shampoo and conditioner based on the specific needs of hair, I would recommend studying the blog of swifttytymonkey.) The additive costs extra, but it also means that you don\'t need to be content with the product that may reduce the quality of the ingredients.For me, the cost of homemade conditioner was $5.55 for a 24-Oz lot, which is not bad for what I think is really great.

I want to guide you to a good hair conditioner, the Swiftcraftymonkey additive (go-Get all the information related to beauty ).Here she discussed the additives I suggested and some other additives that you might be interested in: http://swiftcraftymonkey .blogspot.Com/2009/03/conditioner.
Since I am a member of almost all soapmaking groups on Facebook, I like to share my product when I find it.So I tried adding DL for the first time-Next to my conditioner, I couldn\'t help but tell the world about the exciting improvements in the texture of my hair.
It turns out that many other members of these groups know these things better than I do.These dozens of women are truly beautiful ladies.(I suspect they have a senior degree on this issue.
They made me straight!Panthenol is really a great additive, but there are also some additives that can create more miracles for hair.(The comment on my recipe is like this, \"Well, it doesn\'t matter.But you really need a cation polymer of a seasonal ammonium type.

, aka Pro-Vitamin B5 is a stable D-bright anti-spin mixturePaninore and L-Panthenol.The human body absorbs DL easily-Panthenol quickly converts to D-through the skin-Pan-alcohol is an acid (vitamin B5), a natural component of healthy hair and a substance present in all living cells.Both D-Pan alcohol and DL-Pan alcohol is equally effective for moisturizing, improving hair structure and adding gloss and gloss to the hair.(This is the supplier\'s quotation for the product description.
Swiftcraftymonkey said, \"Pan alcohol is an alcohol that is processed from our body to pan acid-A water-soluble vitamin, B vitamins.The main ingredient of our hairThat\'s why you see it in most hair care products and why a whole hair care line is named after it!Panthenol for hair care products is a great addition between 2% and 5%.It forms a thin layer of moisture film on the surface of your hair (before the film), making it glow without oil or grease.In addition, it can penetrate the skin of your hair and bring moisture to the cortex!This means that your hair has good manageability and softness, and is able to better cope with brushing your teeth, blowing and other non-Hair-friendly things.Finally, it can give more body to your hair!Studies have shown that leaving 2% for 2 minutes can actually expand and dry to make it look thicker!(So use it up to 5% in your conditioner or leave in your conditioner!)\\\" http://swiftcraftymonkey .blogspot.Com/2009/04/better-crafting-through-chemistry_30.
Recommended use: 1-5%.Add to cool-Because it\'s hot-sensitive.

It\'s a good resistance.static, anti-The properties of rashness and wrinkle removal are particularly effective for softening rough hair.It also washes away silicone when used for shampoo.
Recommended usage rate: use Level 0.5-4%, water phase.

Perfect for use as a cation conditioner for making moisturizing conditioner, thick agent, exfoliator, anti-adhesiveStatic and other hair care treatments are provided due to the features of extreme moisturizers (humidifiers and adhesives.
Tangerine is a cation (with positive electricity) season polymer conditioner, which means it will be attracted to the hair wire (or neutral skin) with negative electricity, and will absorb and attach to and resist being washed away easily.This action gives people a lasting sense of moisturizing and deep conditioning, making the hair smooth and shiny, and the skin has a moist luster.Lubrication performance will also be improved and static control will also be increased, which will help to reduce friction and pull during wet combAnd vague fliesStart with a dry brush.
Recommended usage rate: 2%-5% used in the formula cooling stage.
I tried it, I like it!
People with slightly more difficult hair will especially like these additives.

You might want to start with the most basic conditioner.-\"Working fine\" version.

Since this recipe does not contain preservatives, it is for personal use only.
Ideally it should remain refrigerated and run out quickly.This is a quick and easy way to make a good and cheap conditioner.If you are ready to include preservatives and other additives, please see the second recipe below.
You need a can and a wide one.Bottle (or other bottle)Kitchen Scale (preferably digital) and stick mixer.Great mixer for wide-Boast cans.

0.6 ounces BTMS-
Place the jar containing this mixture in your tank and add water to the tank so that the water level in the tank is even comparable to the level of the mixture in the tank.
Open the pot and heat the mixture to BTMS-Melt 50 (about an hour ).
Stick the mixture together until it is creamy and does not have any pieces.
Let the mixture cool a bit and add about halfAn ounce of fragrance, mixed together, poured into the bottle.
Perfume note: I found essential oil best for haircare products.Essential oils beneficial to hair include lavender, rosemary, Cedar, ylang-Ilan and geranium.My experience is that a lot of sesame oil is very harmful to hair and scalp.
This very basic conditioner works very well for many people.

This conditioner formula includes DL-Pan-alcohol, chloride center and orange.
This recipe uses BTMSNot BTMS-50.I chose BTMS.25 The main reason for this recipe is that it is cheaper and easier to get in batches.The difference is here: BTMS-50 is about 50% BTMS, about 40% sixteen alcohol and about 10% alcohol.BTMS-About 25% BTMS, the rest is sixteen alcohol.By using BTMS-25, and at least equal to the amount of BTMS 25% to add 16 alcohol-25, what we get is equal to using about half of the BTMS-50, although it will lose moisturizing and conditioning the diol.

.Before starting, spray all the containers, utensils and surfaces you will use with 90% acetone (IPA) and dry with a clean tissue.Wear polypropylene gloves sprayed with 90% IPA.If you touch anything that doesn\'t spray IPA, please spray the gloves again.
Also, since all additives have a recommended percentage--And the maximum recommended percentage rate--During the heating and holding phase, we must compensate for the loss of moisture caused by evaporation.You can start at 22.1 oz mixture for heating and holding stage, only 16 ounces left after heating for 20 minutes.(There is much more water lost in this way than you think.If you lose 6 points1 ounce of water to evaporate, you need to accurately replace the same amount of water during the heating and holding stages.In addition, additional water must be heated to 165 degrees F.Disinfect for 20 minutes.You need two pots.) If you do not compensate for the loss of moisture caused by evaporation, the percentage of additives in your final product will be significantly higher than expected.
I have divided the recipe into two stages: the heating and holding phase and the cooling phaseSince some ingredients are hot, go to the next stageSensitive, must be added after the mixture cools to 100 For less.

0.6 ounces BTMS-

IMPORTANT!Weigh the mixture and note down the total weight including the pan.A considerable amount of water will evaporate during the heating and holding stages.By adding enough water to bring the mixture to its original weight, this moisture loss will be replaced at the end of the heating and holding phase, which you are now recording.
Put 10-16 ounces of distilled water is placed in a separate pan and will also be heated and maintained at 165 degrees F.for 20 minutes.This is the water you will add to the above mixture at the end of the heating and holding phase to compensate for the loss of moisture caused by evaporation.

2g liquid Germall Plus (0.
1.3 ounces DL-

Heat all ingredients in a stainless steel pan and keep the phase.Weigh the mixture and Pan and note the weight.
Heat the mixture to 165 F.Hold on for 20 minutes.Heat the normal distilled water in a separate pan and keep it at 165 F.Hold on for 20 minutes.Remove the two pots from the heat.
Weigh the mixture and see how much water is lost by evaporation.Add enough water from the ordinary distilled water pan to restore the mixture to its original weight, which you recorded before you started.
Stir the mixture to smooth and creamy.Make sure it has no lumps.
After the mixture cools to 100 degrees F.Add ingredients to cool-The next stage is mixed with the stick until it is completely mixed.
Once everything is mixed, the conditioner can be bottled.I like this pump bottle.Wal-Mart carries some nice, fairly cheap pump bottles as shown in the top picture.

Sixteen alcohol was added as a thickening agent.The thickness of this product is quite large.You can use less if you want a thinner product.Speaking of the sixteenth alcohol, Swiftcraftymonkey said, \"This provides oil-free moisturizing, improves the efficiency of BTMS and improves wet grooming.It\'s very cheap and easy to find, so it\'s always a good idea to include it in the recipe.\"It\'s a good ingredient in itself, not just a good thickening agent.Here is a link to her wonderful discussion of additives (again ): http://swiftcraftymonkey .blogspot.Com/2009/03/conditioner.
I have advised argan oil to add a little shine to the hair.The quantity I suggested seems to fit most hair.(It seems to be a small quantity, but a small part of these things has a long way to go.) You can adjust the quantity according to your hair.You can also omit the argan oil or choose a different one.There is a lot of hair care favorite oil.The seed oil contains rosemary acid that strengthens the hair.Red flower oil can make the hair shine.Black cumin seed oil is said to help prevent thinning of hair-Although I doubt whether this small sum of money will be able to complete the work.It is said that Meadowfoam oil is more easily absorbed by hair than other oils.
Both DL-Pan-alcohol and ammonium chloride are used at the maximum recommended usage rate.You might want to use less.
Another additive you might want to try is amino acids.I really like the silk amino acids added in shampoo and conditioner (the only one I have tried ).There are other kinds of amino acids that people have different preferences for their hair styles.Some people\'s hair doesn\'t like protein, and it may not be good when it is too much, but it will help to repair damaged hair and bring some extra shine and strength to the hair.
Finally, I suggest 0.This recipe has 5 ounces of fragrant essential oil, which is quite high in volume.This may be too much for you and you may want to reduce it a little bit.(I\'m worried that years of soap making might make my nose-blind--I don\'t know when I got the scent too strong.
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