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Housewarming dinner


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year for Nyyin Tech. On June 10, Naiin's housewarming night, which is also the birthday of the boss's wife, Ms. Liao, is a double happiness. Everything is new. The company held a large-scale entertainment and art party with the theme of "moving forward from a new start to a dream" at 7 p.m.

At 7 pm, the party started on time. Mr. Peng, the founder of Nyyin, gave a speech to the party, shared the joy of harvest, looked forward to a better future, and expressed deep wishes to all participants.

He said: on behalf of the company, I would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere wishes to all the guests attending the housewarming party. Today, I want to say that on the road of courage and wisdom exploration, the company takes technology as the starting point, takes science and technology to change the world as the concept, and takes green, heavy, professional and efficient as the enterprise to build a professional brand of wall breaking machine.

In terms of team building, I will lead all employees to forge ahead, explore and innovate, fight the market with honest and pragmatic quality and considerate after-sales service, constantly pursue excellence, help customers and friends create wealth and tap the treasure of a happy life!

Today is a happy day for Naiyin company and the first step of the company's long march of entrepreneurship. With the care of our customers, we have a hundred times more confidence; With the support of suppliers, we have developed steadily; With the trust and support of our friends, we are in high spirits; With the struggle and hard work of Naiyin's family, we are full of fighting spirit! Let's work together to write a brilliant chapter with success and a brilliant chapter with diligence!

President Peng's speech was inspiring. President Peng placed deep expectations on us and expressed heartfelt thanks to customers and suppliers for their support and assistance. All naiin's family are deeply respected.

Cutting through the past is a prelude. The original heart does not change and keeps walking; Some dreams have no boundaries, a new starting point and move forward dream by dream. Thank everyone for their trust and support. We will work together to create brilliance!

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