Bosch 400-Watt Compact Mixer Product Review

by:Nyyin     2020-03-30

One of my best friends is a great baker and housewife who loves to make people popular in her home by sharing food like banana bread and homemade wheat bread.We are all interested in our own health and are told the benefits of baking with fresh bread --More nutritious grinding of whole grains than shopsbought breads.For months, when my good friend showed me the Queen size, I stared with envy --She made batch bread recipes with her full bagBosch kitchen machine.She needs six.A loaf of bread and her breadThe size of the mixer, she couldn\'t sing a big enough compliment.I want one, I want a bad one, but the truth is, I\'m on the budget.
Are you looking for a stand mixer for your kitchen?I\'m looking for a strong enough mixer to make bread and I don\'t want to stay there all day long.However, I am not ready for the industrial size Bosch mixer that produces 6 breads at the same time.I wanted to go but it was too big for my kitchen and for my budget at the time.I found the perfect compromise in the Bosch compact kitchen machine.It has full-durability and motor powerBosch in size, but compact enough to fit into a kitchenette, apartment or even a RV!I am happy to find this compromise for my kitchen as now I can make homemade bread and pizza donuts quickly and easily, but I am still able to take the dough out of my hand at the last rise so the bread doesn\'t feel that wayBread Machine shape.

(Product Number MUM 4420) is a powerful, compact and versatile Vertical mixer and one of the best investments I have ever made for the kitchen.This all-in-A kitchen tool is a blender and can also act as a food processor, Blender, juicer and meat grinder if you purchase additional accessories.The average cost is less than $175.S.Dollar, which is a big feature for the price.
This small mixer is powerful, 400-Watt engine, the same size as the larger Bosch kitchen mixer, which costs more than twice as much.I found that the small size and powerful engine of the Bosch compact made it a very wide range of food preparation tools in my kitchenette, while the fool-The proof design allows me to use it easily with little learning curve.The Bosch compact kitchen mixer is available in washable white and all accessories are dishwasher, which is easy to clean and maintain.

The 400-The Watt engine is the best of its kind.Bosch\'s compact bread dough can be mixed nearly 6 pounds at a time.By contrast, the kitchenaid 5-Only 325 quart Vertical mixerwatt engine.If you\'re looking for a powerful mixer that can handle weekly bread or pizza --The added power of small Bosch is an important selling point.This powerful engine has little noise on the power it generates.I bought my Bosch compact mixer mainly for homemade bread and pizza donuts.The engine has processed these weekly recipes and has no obvious impact on the engine.Wire and folded coil packaging-The lower arm makes the base easy to store where the kitchenette is invisible.
The heavy-duty 4-Quart mixing bowl is a simple-Clean the plastic surface using multiple uses without showing signs of wear.The quality of the bowl has impressed me since I purchased it, and it continues to look brand new and keeps the color for the whole three years.The gap foot at the bottom of the bowl is inserted into the engine platform, fixing the bowl in place while the mixer is running.You may think that a mixer made of plastic parts has a problem with dyeing.I mixed the hot and cold items together with a blender and there was no sign of staining.
The heavy-duty splatter-The explosion-proof cover is made of a heavy-duty see-Through plastic, let you see the progress of any formula while the mixer is working.Cover includes an invertedThe Spout feature allows you to add ingredients while the mixer is running without the risk of splashing.

The Bosch kitchen accessories are dishwasher safe and come with your own storage stand, so you can easily store the entire Bosch system.
Dough Hook.
I use dough hooks when making bread, pizza dough and cookies like sugar cookies, chocolate cookies, etc.Make homemade pizza and homemade bread effortlessly with doughSet to a mixed hook on setup 2.The steady movement of the mixer is a great boon to anyone whose wrists are weakened by arthritis or a tunnel of the heart skin.

.The Mixer accessory can quickly make fluffy shortbread in a few minutes.How easy is the Mixer accessory to harden the protein compared to the traditional manual, you will be shockedHand-held electric puller with splash-Prove the lid, you have nothing to clean up in a mess.You can also make an omelet using a blender attachment and mix your homemade mashed potatoes into a fluffy mound.

: I made cake, quick bread, waffles and pancakes in just a few minutes with a wire whip attachment.When I first used Bosch to make pancakes a few weeks ago, my family was raving about it.

My Bosch has been in regular use for almost 10 years now, and after making all this bread it still looks as good as the new one, and even better, it still works fine.I have no regrets about investing more in this quality --Kitchen workawayers.
When we moved to Iowa, I narrowed down from a kitchen with more than 30 linear counter spaces to a home with a kitchen with a total of 6 linear counter spaces.With the exception of Bosch, I have little room for extra kitchen tools to put everything in the storage room.Because of the compact, folding design, I was able to store Bosch on the shelf and put it aside in order to get more counter real estate in my kitchen, it continues to do the work that people expect from larger, more expensive mixers.
The versatility of this small packaged kitchen tool is recommended to any kitchen, whether your taste tends to a more delicious gourmet menu or if you are a parent who is in a hurry to prepare simple and quick meals.This small machine has done all this reliably and economically in a very small space.

You can purchase several accessories to use the Bosch compact MUM 400 kitchen mixer.These accessories are mounted on the mixer base to turn the Bosch compact into multiplePractical kitchen machine.I think this affordable versatility is the kind of product that recommends this mixer.

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