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by:Nyyin     2020-03-31

Worldwide, Vitamix mixers are considered the best investment in home and commercial cooking.

.These powerful mixers are the best.
Unfortunately, buying the best also means that some people\'s prices will naturally exceed the market.Fortunately, bottom hunters (like me) can now get these topof-the-

Affordable price.
Yes, Vitamix\'s new certified refurbishment range will now allow you to purchase one of these powerful mixers for the old price, including a full manufacturer warranty!
Interested?Yep, so was I...
How do I save hundreds of dollars on my new Vitamix...
When my vintage 1970 stainless steel Vitamix needs to be replaced, I will no doubt buy another one to replace it.I \'ve been running this thing for over 20 years, so I know first hand that these units are really the best and start looking at which new model I\'m going to get.
Initially I was looking at the Vitamix 5200 package at Costco, but that unit didn\'t have the preset option and was still a bit out of the price range I set.Fortunately, when I stumbled upon the certified refurbishment series obtained directly from Vitamix.

The price I see on eBay and my local CraigsList but they also have a full 5-Manufacturer Warranty for one year.

!I didn\'t find this deal until later.The In plan is only available for direct purchase by the manufacturer (see below ).Thankfully I didn\'t buy one elsewhere!
So, what is the fix plan for certification?
Free 30-Free Vitamix-Day refund guarantee on all their machines except for the transaction-in program.Of course, once the warehouse receives the mixer, it can no longer be sold in a new form.So the bestLooking for units (I.e.No scratches etc.) People aged 2 or under will pass through meticulous 17-The trained technicians conduct spot checks to check all aspects of the motor base.
Each unit that passes the inspection has a brand new can, cover, tampering, recipes, packaging, warranty, etc.Then open to the public at a significantly reduced price.
All the mixers that did not pass this strict inspection were recycled.
In addition, visiting the BIU website in the text bubble on this page will also allow you to deliver it free of charge (worth $25 ).
What did I get & how much did I pay?
As I said earlier, I \'ve been thinking about the \"5200 Super package\" on the Costco website for $499 plus taxes.However, 5200 does not have some features I want, such as pre-Set up the setting for smoothies and soups, plus I really don\'t need a dry grain container.
I can get a professional 6300 equipment by purchasing the certified refurbished series equipmentSet Options for only $379.99 plus tax.But then I made another $100 deal.In (remember that the third option is not available)Party purchase) I sold the attached Savor Cookbook on eBay for $45, plus I got free shipping by using affiliate links like the one on this page.
All in all, my new Vitamix only sold for $234.99 plus tax.This is less than half the cost of a Costco device and is a better mixer (6300 retail for $649 )!All-Around, I ended up paying the same or less price as a lot of off-site dealsI bought famous brand products at the local shopping center.I have been using my 6300 for more than a year and I love it very much;Also, unlike cheaper brands, I don\'t have to worry that it will surprise me!

Did you know that your full warranty means that everything is included if your mixer needs to be repaired or replaced --even two-way shipping!
Also, all models purchased directly through Vitamix (new or refurbished) have a pre-registered warranty so you don\'t even have to bother registering it!
Blender It Up is a Vitamix affiliate dedicated to educating people to eat mixers and live a healthy life.BIU is often able to bring readers special offers that Vitamix doesn\'t even have ads on their own website!
In addition to all mixers, visitors can also deliver free shipping on blender orders (new, refurbished, trade-in, etc.) Biao is committed to helping reduce world hunger.Profits are like feeding my hungry children.
If you think the Vitamix information here is helpful, then it has no rich information about the blender.
So what makes Vitamix?
Several highlights...
All Vitamix mixers are handmade in the US!
With its 2-From soup and frozen desserts to nut butter, seasoning and alternative milk (almonds, soy, coconut, rice, etc.) you can make everything.Almost unbreakable BPAThe free Eastman Tritan co-polyester tank allows you to see what\'s going on inside and the leakage of the dischargeExplosion Proof cover can make it easy for you to add ingredients when mixing!
As Vitamix said, \"more trusted than any other mixer by a professional chef, fresh and delicious dishes can be made as a wholeFood Ingredients, Vitamix is a class of its own.These self-The cleaning machine allows you to chop, mix, cream, thick soup, etc. in each meal with one device.With commercial quality and unparalleled engineering, you can purchase Vitamix at one time and use it for life.

The certified refurbished range currently includes all mixer models, including the new S30 personal mixer!This includes Vitamix 5200, 750, 500, 7500, 300, 200, 6300, CIA, turbine mixing and Creations mixers.For ease of purchase, certified refurbished equipment is divided into 6 groups.Each grouping includes one or more blender models with the same values and attributes.Models have been created under different names over the years, so that various stores can have \"exclusive models \".For example, the 6300 I purchased was the exact unit of the Professional Series 500 and the only difference was the color option (which I confirmed in customer service ).

Yes, you can choose your color...
Most Vitamix mixers are available in 4-6 colors from blue, black, red and white to cream, espresso, platinum and brushed stainless steel (usually $20 for stainless steel)charge).With so many color options, it\'s not hard to find a color option that suits your kitchen©Cole.
Another benefit of choosing a color is that it can also help you determine your model.When I buy my 6300, this is the \"standard project group\" from certified renovations including 6300 and Professional Series 500 \".Although Vitamix has the option to send me any unit from the group, by selecting black as my color, I knew I would receive 6300 before shipping because 500 is not black.
[Please note that the inventory does vary and not all units and/or colors are available at any time.Unit, of course, the first sale-come-first-Service base, so getting an order as soon as possible (especially during the holidays) helps make sure you get the model/color you want.
Why pay this when you can pay this?
While Amazon\'s price is usually high, you still have to pay $570.00 plus $86.25 tax ($656.25 total) Vitamix 6300 shown here.
With the Vitamix renovation program, you will only have to pay $379 for the Vitamix 6300 plus tax (including the free shipping service provided by the link above ).
If you trade with your old Vitamix and purchase the refurbished 6300 model, you will only have to pay an additional tax of $279.
Is it good for a unit that retails for $599?

Again, Vitamix has some great new equipment such as the S50 personal size mixer and the new 780 touch screen mixer, which are not currently available in the refurbishment program.

Because they provide a wealth of mixing tips and tricks, as well as an amazing contrast chart of all the mixers today.(Don\'t forget to pick up their free shipping code while you\'re there!
At the same time, a healthy diet!
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